Save money on your Energy, Catering and Trade Waste

In addition to our stocktaking services, Hunt Management Services can give you direct access to a leading expert to that could help you reduce your electricity, gas, LPG, catering and trade waste costs with in weeks.

Experienced stocktaker Paul Hunt

What's more, thanks to our relationship with the supplier, and membership of the trade body ILTSA (institute for Licensed Trade and Stock Auditors), Hunt Management Solutions can also save you management fees of this service - a saving of £300 per year.

Significantly reduce your costs

With expert advice, significant cost savings can be made quickly. One of our clients, the Three Cups in Stockbridge, put in place savings of over £2,000 a year after their consultation, in addition to the £300 saved on the management fees.

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Our expert partner

We have worked with Pro-Eco for a number of years and have found their expertise and service to be excellent and really helpful to our clients. We are delighted to be able to recommend them and give our clients a significant discount off the fees involved.

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Qualified and experienced stocktaker

Paul Hunt is a qualified member of ILTSAPaul Hunt MILSA has been an independent stocktaker for over 15 years. He is not only an exam qualified member of the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors (ILTSA), the qualifying body for the Licensed Trade, but has also been appointed to its Council of Management.

He has also achieved the coveted ILTSA Accreditation status, meaning that his work practices and procedures for liquor and food stocktaking have been reviewed by an expert panel of the Institute's licensed trade stock auditors.

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