Manage your stock at Festivals & Hospitality Events

Stocktaking at Festivals and events by Paul Hunt of Hunt Management SolutionsWith the Summer fast approaching lots of festival, fetes, open days and hospitality events will soon be taking place. However, if you are an organiser, please don’t forget to manage your stock.

Whatever the type of Festival (music, food & drink, beer, proms, weddings, flower shows, Christmas markets etc), food and drink can generate significant income for festivals and events.

However, managing your stock can be a challenge in the more unusual and temporary surroundings chosen for many British festivals such as fields, parks, schools or sports grounds!

Festival stock issues

Just some of the stock issues hospitality event organisers face include:

  • Multi bar and food operations across a festival site
  • High stock levels being retained on site because of the difficulty in re-stocking
  • Shortage of secure, lockable, storage space
  • Lack of good refrigeration facilities to keep food fresh
  • Lot of temporary staff, inexperienced with tills and stock systems
  • Potentially high wastage and theft issues
  • Lack of sales and stock reporting

Maximising your festival gross profit

If you are organising a festival or hospitality event we highly recommend using a qualified and experienced stocktaker. They will help you manage your stock effectively and ensure that your gross profit is maximised.

An experienced stocktaker can help you in a number of ways including:

  • Stock systems & advice
  • Stock reporting
  • Analysis of invoicing, sales and stock
  • Identifying the Gross Profit Percentage per Category & overall Gross Profit
  • Multi bar reporting

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Paul Hunt MILSA has been a hospitality events stocktaker for over 15 years. He is an exam qualified member of the Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors (ILTSA), the qualifying body for the Licensed Trade. He has also been appointed to its Council of Management.

He has also achieved the coveted ILTSA Accreditation status. This means that his work practices and procedures have been reviewed by an expert panel of the Institute’s licensed trade stock auditors.

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